citizens unite

I love the things that make America unique. May those attributes be restored.

Imagine for a moment if you would have no personal boundaries. Do you think it would be kind to yourself if you allowed people to push you around, define you, and take what’s yours in an unrestrained and entitled way? In my humble opinion, I think that wouldn’t be called kindness or acceptance, it would be called- not knowing who you are. And just as your identity as a unique individual should be important to you, so also is our country’s identity, don’t you think?

I believe that as American citizens , our unity in the love and loyalty we have for this country, transcends the lines of ethnic and social groups we otherwise identify with.  I encourage you, no matter what people group you identify with, to restore and renew your love for your country! As citizens, let’s own it, and be an asset wherever we are for the good of our nation.

I LOVE diversity. Of cultures, peoples and nations. I love experiencing the exchange of strengths, creativity and unique aspects among different cultural groups. I believe this exchange happens through honor. I do not believe, any one people group is above the other in intrinsic value, and each has unique strengths they bring to the “family.” I, myself, was born and and raised Amish, which can be considered a sub-culture. Some of the strengths I appreciate about the Amish are: Their word is good and their workmanship is excellent!  They generally do not expect the government to take care of them and are willing to work for their own benefits. They take care of their own. Personally, I would like to see them be more involved in local government and more integrated in their local communities.

I would love to hear about a minority group or culture you may be a part of! What about your people group makes it unique, strong, and an asset…. what does your group offer to the people around them and to the world?

I want to mention… with regards to the recent racism issues being highlighted concerning our black community, I am taking this time as a white American, to take an honest look into my own heart and challenge myself to shake off any prejudices that I may have unknowingly carried, and be more intentional in my appreciation for our black community. If you’ve been feeling rejected, I sincerely hope and pray that you would begin to feel love directed toward you. The truth is, with out your presence in our country, we wouldn’t be as strong, as creative, as loving, as infectious, as warm, as wise, as beautiful…There would be an irreplaceable part missing that makes us who we are.

As citizens of one nation under God, let’s link arms for the sake of all that makes our country great and good, and be the change we long to see. Let’s be contributors! First with our attitudes and words; let them be up- building and life-giving. Then let’s also be willing to serve in our local communities or capacities to help restore and build up our nation from a solid and good foundation. We, the people, are this nation. Each of us contributes negatively or positively. Let’s choose well and in a way that we can be proud of when we hand it over to the generations following.